What We Can Do for You

Matt's dad and uncle helping their dad build a home in the late 50's!

Matt’s dad and uncle helping their dad build a home in the late 50’s!

Whether you’re building a custom home on your own lot or renovating your current home, Montgomery Custom Homes is a Dallas custom home builder that will guide you through the construction process. MCH will educate you in green building and help you better understand the whole system approach that we advocate for healthier and more sustainable homes. MCH can share design ideas that will keep you in budget and deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

Green building provides for human need while respecting those of plants and animals.  In new home construction, it is a whole system approach to the design of the home that minimizes the impact on natural resources, other species, and future generations.  Effective environmental design that is sustainable is reflected in the site development project design, building materials, construction techniques, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Our services include:

Design Build – Do you have designs in mind or already have plans?  We are eager to help make your dreams come true and bring your project to life.  From the beginning to the end, we are with you every step of the way.  By virtue of our experience, MCH will work with your architect or recommend a local architect that has extensive green building knowledge.  We will all work together in the planning and design of your project.

Remodeling/Renovations – Do you need more space?  Do you want to add a second floor to your existing home?  Are you planning a whole home renovation?  Contact MCH, your Dallas remodeling expert and let us help you make your remodeling dreams come true.

Site Selection/Lot Evaluation – Do you own a lot and need help figuring out the best design that will work on the lot while keeping site work costs down?  Are you considering purchasing a lot and need help figuring out if a design you have in mind will work or if dirt work costs might be too high?

Budgeting/Estimations/Cost Analysis – MCH will work with you to create a detailed spreadsheet that itemizes all construction costs based on each stage of construction.

Permitting, Licensing, and City Related Services – MCH has excellent relationships with local municipalities that enable us to quickly acquire permits and deal efficiently with city related issues.  We handle everything for you!