What Is Green Building?

Being “Green” has become a phrase you hear everywhere you go. At the grocery store and on TV, it’s hard to go a day and not hear a reference to Green. This is a great thing! Environmental awareness is something that is finally catching on.

Green building is all about constructing custom homes for people to live, play, and work in an environmentally friendly way. Green building provides for human needs while respecting those of plants and animals. In new home construction, it is a whole system approach to the design of the home that minimizes the impact on natural resources, other species, and future generations. Effective environmental design that is sustainable is reflected in the site development project design, building materials, construction techniques, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

Montgomery Custom Homes is a member of Green Built Texas and the North Texas Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. We are committed to the Green education process of teaching our homeowners how to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible!